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Admission of Students with Special Education Needs

Admission of Students with Special Education Needs

The School’s admission policy shall follow the School’s obligations as defined in Federal Law No. (29) of 2006 Regarding the Rights of Persons with Special Needs, and in the Council’s regulations and policies. Students with mild and moderate special needs shall be admitted as per their age group and grade sequence. Schools may charge Parents/Guardians additional fees for the provision of extra support, provided that such fees may not exceed 50% of the approved School tuition fees for other students. (ADEC Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual, pg.142) 

For the purposes of this policy, Special Educational Needs (“SEN”) is the generic term for any disability, disorder, difficulty, impairment, exceptional needs (rare cases) or other additional needs that may be caused by mental, behavioural, physical, emotional or cognitive factors and which may affect a student’s learning and his or her educational performance. These students require additional educational support beyond that provided in general classrooms in order to achieve the greatest benefit from the curriculum.

Gifted and talented students have exceptional abilities and talents either academically or in a specific field. These are students whose outstanding abilities make them capable of high performance, but are not labelled as Special Education Needs.

For  this purpose, the School has on staff a qualified Special Education Needs Coordinator (“SENCo”), who shall be responsible for managing all aspects of services for Special Education Needs and gifted and talented students, as well as a dedicated team of qualified staff to support the Special Education Needs Coordinator in meeting the needs of these students in a timely and effective manner.

It is their responsibility to develop an Individual Education Plan (“IEP”) for Special Education Needs students if they experience difficulties in accessing or being able to learn the curriculum. The Individual Education Plan is used mainly by the teachers and students to guide instructional practice, including modifications of the program and adaptations of the environment or aspects of instruction and assessment. These must be tailored to the individual student’s needs to enable optimal learning success.

The School will also develop an Advanced Learning Plan (“ALP”) for gifted and talented students who are exceptionally exceeding academic expectations in their academic program. The ALP is to identify ways in which teachers can enrich the student’s learning in order to achieve according to their potential.

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department provides students with an academic support teaching model. This includes small group learning, in-class support sessions, 1:1 teacher sessions outside of the classroom as well as accommodations to the curriculum, individualised behavioural support plans and Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) as needed. In doing this the SEN team can support the teachers and the students in all educational and behavioural areas to provide access to a well-rounded education and positive learning environment to all students.

The academic support teaching model also includes addressing the needs of Gifted and Talented students. These students will be challenged in that they will be given access to material that will focus on developing their strengths. The SEN team will provide these students with curricular material that will help to develop critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills.

If you would like to discuss and SEN matters further, please contact our SENCO.