"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”
-Albert Einstein
Mr. Sandra Zaher
Principal of ICS Al Falah City
Welcome to International Community School (ICS) Branch 2 Al Falah Campus!
I am honored to be the principal of the International Community School (Branch 2) Al Falah Campus. I bring with me more than 30 years of leadership and teaching experience in the UAE and in the USA in all levels of learning (K-12). You and your children are the base and foundation of ICS Branch 2.  Together we will go from strength to strength ensuring innovation and creativity in teaching and learning. At ICS Branch 2 Al Falah, teaching and learning are reflected through the success of our students as well as the satisfaction of parents and community stakeholders. 

ICS Branch 2 uses the American Curriculum following Common Core, California State, and Next Generation Science Standards. Our class teachers are native speakers of English and will ensure continuous English language development.  Arabic and Islamic Studies start at KG1, French starts at KG2, and Design and Technology (DT) starts at Grade 1. Our highly qualified teachers will develop your child’s math, science, English, arts, movement, rhyme and rhythm using real-world STEAM applications and activities, connecting learning across the curriculum.

Scientific and creative thought are embedded in teaching and learning through well planned experiments and activities designed to provoke thought, ideas, and student creation of new knowledge by practical applications that are interactive between each student and his/her learning. By focusing on STEAM from the start of your child's elementary learning career will ensure that he/she is ready for STEAM connected ideas in all subject areas. STEAM is the innovative way to the future enabling your child will be able to join university and the world as a smart digital citizen.

Technology is the future and through distance learning and in-class interactive discovery learning. On our campus-your children/our students are in the right place to reach their dreams and your expectations.


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Ph: 026338181
Al Farah St, Al Falah
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates