"Education is like a lantern which
lights your way in a dark alley"

- Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
"Provide a safe, friendly learning environment where lifelong learners follow an international curriculum which promotes academic excellence and nurtures key values and competences in our global minded, future leaders.

At ICS we pride ourselves on how we have grown and established into one of the best respected collaboration of schools in Abu Dhabi.  We strive to instill our original ethos of hard work and excellence which enabled us to develop and grow, into our student community."

From Students

Ahmed Baleigh 5A / ICS City Centre

"I feel happy and safe at school."

Dania Bushnaq G12 D / ICS MUSHRIF

"A place that you spend 7 hours daily should definitely be considered a second home. ICS raised me into the person I am today, built my personality, and made me a confident student. All my teachers inspire me, and I look up to them always. The organization and rules in school helped me follow a specific and organized strategy in life to perform my best and succeed. These 14 years of my life will always be a nice memory to look back at and remember all the fun activities we used to do in school. I would like to thank my school that puts all the effort and hard work to build an independent, confident generation that is willing to work and make the future brighter."

Ahmed Jamal 5B / ICS City Centre

"I love my school and it’s already perfect."

Mariam Mohamed FS2 / ICS City Centre

"I have so many friends and people to talk to. I like playing with the toys! We have so many. I love it when I am the star."


"ICS is our second home where we receive intensive care and love from all of the teachers and crew around us. It's preparing us for a brighter future as it guides us on a stabilized path, directing our vision in order to know what we want and be who we want to be. ICS doesn't only focus on academic learning, it also builds us and helps us change so we can evolve and become the better version of who we are."

Farida Abdelhamid 5A / ICS City Centre

"The school is safe. There is nothing more to ask from the school."

Malak Elsayed 6D / ICS City Centre

"I feel loved and respected and would like to stay. I love how the kids treat me and my friends. I feel welcomed to the ICS."

Khalid Ismail G12 D / ICS MUSHRIF

"All kids deserve the right to a high-quality education, and that’s exactly what ICS provides. Even though it might not be the perfect school but it provides what its students need. The teachers are friendly but that doesn’t mean they don’t do their jobs perfectly. The teachers might not be able to ideally interpret the information to the student every time, but they don’t give up on a student, they are always open for questions and are always willing to help the learner until he/she fully understands and receive the information they need.
The school also provides a lot of sources to help with our education and understanding of the curriculum. From digital resources to worksheets and information that might not be in the syllabus but might help in the future. Now, campus wise, the school provides all the facilities a student might need. From labs to a football field and even a swimming pool and those facilities are always clean and ready for our use. I had a long history with this school and I’m glad that I’m going to be an ICS graduate and I’m thankful for everybody that made my journey in this school memorable."


"I like the teachers, because they are nice and because they solve problems."

Shams Luai 9 D / ICS MUSHRIF

"I love my school because it is one of the best schools; its building is beautiful, wide and airy. And above all, my teachers are the best, they are my second family and I love and thank them for their sincerity and dedication to make me a better person."

Zena Dakkak 12 A / ICS MUSHRIF

"ICS is the place where I feel like home and it is the place that promotes my creativity and performance."

Sarah Year 3 / ICS City Centre

"I like the teachers, because they are nice and because they solve problems"

Jaime 12 B / ICS MUSHRIF

"It unites the people including the students, the teachers, and the staff to create a community that shares each other culture and tradition."

Yousef Zayed 12 B / ICS MUSHRIF

"ICS is great because it doesn’t mute our creativity or talents, it helps us to express in wonderful ways and at the same time, it helps us to enhance our talents."

Yazan Abu Zuhri 12 B / ICS MUSHRIF

"ICS is great because they respect and stand on all morals and have positive thinking about the future."

Duna Asim Student 4 B / ICS MUSHRIF

"We appreciate our ICS teachers, bus drivers and conductors, and cleaners because they help us in difficult times and work hard to make us a better person."


"I believe ICS is a great place because it is a nice and safe place, and provides us with events, trips and fun-loving activities. My great teachers help me to be a future leader. I am happy to play and learn at ICS."

Menatallah Year 6 / ICS City Centre

"I like that that school is clean. My teachers are really good at teaching and teachers make sure students understand. Teachers really care about the safety of the children, and we have lots of helpful rules in place to keep children safe. We had a great Anti-bullying week and even the police came in to talk to us about it."

Ayham Year  3 / ICS City Centre

"I really like the after school activities. I do football. I get to see my friends and the teachers teach me good football tricks. We do really good PE lessons too. My whole class are really good and we make the best team in year 3!"

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